The outbreak of the "Corona" pandemic has created turmoil in the world of live music making, with orchestras and musicians all over the world floundering in a cultural "Black Hole".

For many orchestras and theatres, this means enormous limitations and restrictions to their concert programmes. For example, limitations regarding the number of musicians allowed on the concert platform at any one time, depending on the size of the stage.

In order to make it possible to meet the various regulations regarding distancing requirements, I have taken it upon myself to re-arrange some of the lighter programmes that I myself have conducted over the past years, in the hope that orchestras will be inspired to continue spreading culture throughout their local communities.

These arrangements are not only directed towards professional orchestras, but also to those smaller ensembles and amateur groups who are yearning to make music together.

Feel free to browse through the shop (which is ever increasing), and to contact me if you have any particular wishes or suggestions.

Russell Harris